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Dr. Harinder Sandhu

(DDS, Ph.D., Cert Perio.)
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong academic, Dr. Harinder Sandhu served as the Director of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry from 2004-2015, after which he was endowed with the prestigious title of Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Harinder Sandhu still practices in the field of periodontics and is actively involved in dental regulatory matters.

Dr. Gurbaz Sandhu

Chief Clinical Officer

The middle child of Dr. H. Sandhu, he began his journey in dentistry while studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary. Immersing himself in European culture, Dr. Gurbaz Sandhu gained humility and wisdom from the ability to put himself in the shoes of others and gain the insight that your way is not the only way.

He completed his DDS degree at Howard University in Washington, DC and later moved to Dallas, Texas, where his two sons were born. After five years of living and working in the Dallas area, he moved back to Canada to join his father in the family business.

Reeti Sandhu

Cheif Operating Officer

As a healthcare provider with a background in Healthcare Administration, Reeti brings over ten years of experience and has led the daily operations of the clinics since 2019. She brings valuable insights and is involved in the long-term strategic development of the group.

Huda Shaikh

Chief Human Resources Officer

Huda Shaikh is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Shores Dental Group. Huda completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology on the Dean’s List. She followed it by completing her Master in Immigration Studies. Interested in the dental field, she began as a patient coordinator. Her versatility, fast-learning skills and resourcefulness allowed her to excel at taking care of the specifics that occur behind the scenes of dental healthcare facilities. Huda provides the tools and support to the dental healthcare facilities that are necessary for success.

Kim Kocher

Chief Revenue Officer

Kim is the billing manager at Shores Dental Group. Her astute level of fine detail and empathetic demeanour make her an ideal Dental Health Care Administrator. Her journey started in factories, working with batteries, boxing straws, making diapers, and working as a Veterinary Technician, all of which showed the importance of working as a team. One day while doing quality control checks, she decided she wanted to utilize her skills in Mathematics, Science, and Chemistry subjects. Kim excelled in academics and took computer courses in the evenings, helped to teach at an Adult Learning Centre and then decided to embark on a journey into the dental field. Here she found a niche in finances. “I help our patients to achieve the most excellent dental health by guiding them through insurance concerns and any concerns regarding finances.”

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